Zoom calls ; a record

Hey fellow Roamans,

As I live in Europe, participating to meeting calls like the impromptu one from yesterday is near impossible as it occurs in the middle of the night here. The same goes for other Believer calls. Therefore, would it be possible for these calls to be recorded (or transcribed) so absent users could benefit from them as well ?

If someone from the US or for whom the time zone matches the meeting’s could do it, I would be very grateful.

Thank you for your attention,


Published recordings would be the minimum. I would actually go a step further. Roam has believers globally. Why not alternate the timing of the believer calls to accommodate a global audience and to share the time-zone pain?


I’d be perfectly fine with the recording in this case :sunny:

I think that timing changes were planned but not recordings.
Both would be the minimum.

That would be so kind of you. Do you have an idea on how to record then share ?

Agree: recording would be much appreciated. Time prohibitive for EU.

As much as I am a “believer”… I won’t get up at 4am to fall asleep on a Zoom call!


Sorry @maugermika, I have the same problem, living in Europe. Quite enthusiastic about Roam, but not willing to destroy my health over it :wink:. The easiest way to record and publish these is by the host, anyway.

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Hello, where do I find the link to the zoom calls?

Chiming in from Malaysia. Would love to have recording of the zoom calls.

Strong agree. Would love to see the recordings.

Yes please - recordings would be great.

If recording is not viable, I hope the transcription of the meetings could be shared. For the meeting that I attended in July, here is the link where we could view the Otter.ai generated transcription. I could access the link during the live meeting. However, it looks like the owner has to grant access for the link now.


I too would really appreciate a recording or transcription. The timing of the live events are conducive with time zone, but I seem to always be to busy with some other work to hump on as it happens.

thanks for the suggestion on the meeting notes app. Have you used it ? Does it work well ?

Otter.ai works extremely well. If the transcription is shared, one can also copy portion of the conversation and embed it into Roam via iframe.

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Thanks again. I did try it and I was impressed with the transcription quality.

Those of us who are working many jobs in this covid world would love for this to happen as well. I am certainly not as well versed as many but I think if I spent some time listening to the parts relating, I could catch up.

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