Workflows in Roam - what does your day look like?

Hi all!

I want to inaugurate this thread with something that Caleb Ontiveros shared over on the Slack, and I think might give rise to evergreen conversations about workflow, over here.

Check out the blogpost he wrote, it’s pretty comprehensive. (see below)

Anything you’d add?
Any workflow tips of your own, you’d like to add?


I love block references.

I had previously resisted project management in Roam, but the benefits of linking tasks to reference pages are too great to ignore.

I have a hierarchy of projects:

  • Domains: groups of related projects that are dedicated different days of the week
  • Sub-domains: sub-groups that have a regular focus once a month
  • Areas: ongoing activities that need regular checking (e.g., email newsletter)
  • Projects: an activity with a deadline

Each week at the domain level, I like to get a snapshot of what needs to be done. So every project has a block “NA Project name” under which are next actions. I then create a block reference for that in the Domain page. I then can see all the next actions across many related projects.

This is one step towards dealing with the baseline anxiety that I am forgetting something important during the day.

I’m still working out how to connect this together with goals, so I can do proper weekly and monthly reviews.

Very curious to know how others stay on top of things.


@mzantsi cool!

I love the idea of flagging things with “NA”, for next action, and then block referencing them.

That way you can always have a next action, and when you edit it (because of course every time you complete it or even just facts-on-the-ground changing can change it), then - boom!

Your list of next-actions, updates as well, 'cause it’s block referenced

Totally stealing that, thanks!

This brings up another topic, too -

“frontloading” page names, for ease-of-finding on autocomplete. I have a handful of conventions - like using “L–” at the front of lists of things, so I know if I am looking for a list, I type “L–” in the search bar and then the magic of autocomplete brings up all my “lists”.

You could do that with “NA–”, too.