Workaround for 10 File Limit on Markdown Import

10 file limit on bulk importing markdown got ya down?
This only works on chromium browsers: Chrome, Chromium, Brave, etc

  1. open dev tools (Mac: ⌥-⌘-i Windows: Ctrl+Shift+i)
  2. go to Sources tab
  3. open file (no domain)/js/compiled/route-app.js
  4. search for text: Import failed: Too many
  5. 65 or so characters in front of that string is this bit: return 10<h.length? ; change that 10 to anything you like and save the file.

Meta observation 1: I hope the limit will get raised and this won’t need to be an Evergreen note for long :slight_smile:
Meta observation 2: there isn’t a Secret Features section of the forum, so not sure where best to put it
Meta observation 3: this is of course semi-evil, but necessity and inventive mothers something something. Also these steps are likely to break if the code ever changes.

Thanks for this tip, @paul . It seems strange to me that this limit exists, particularly if you are exporting files as a backup. How would you ever restore a database 10 pages at a time?

While I can find the text to change, I can’t see how it is possible to save the file. Any advice about that would be welcome.