When to use blocks vs pages

Hi all!
I’m curious if anyone has thoughts, or can direct me to an article where someone has explained possible strategies for when to use blocks vs pages.

It seems that pages are basically “blocks with a title, and an unlinked references section”. If this is right, I feel confused about when to be using blocks, and when to be using pages.

Some more specific confusions:

  • I want to have “tags” for various kinds of questions/comments about ideas (e.g. for objections, confusions, substantive shovel-ready research questions, things to follow up on or look into). Would these be best as blocks or pages?
  • One possible best practice: only use pages for “substantive ideas”, zettels, etc. that will have content in the page, rather than just lots of linked references? (Kinda like "things that I would have previously had google docs about). Use blocks for everything else. Thoughts on this?
  • How valuable is it (in terms of generating insights, spotting connections between ideas) to create a graph overview that is uncluttered with lots and lots of pages-that-could-just-be-blocks?

There’s an interesting article that claims using blocks (instead of pages) for “tags” (not in the Roam sense, but in the generic sense; e.g. “book” or “philosophy”), items that need referencing often (e.g. concepts, theorems) and bib entries helps to “declutter” your Roam graph. I’m still a bit confused about this though, and have asked a separate question on a thread for that article.

(Of course, there’s unlikely to be one correct strategy here, and people might suggest to just do whatever works for me, but since one of the major claimed benefits of Roam is being able to spot unexpected/insightful connections between ideas, and pages/blocks are the main apparatus for making connections, I’d value people’s input on how to set myself up for success.)

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about this a lot as well…

I have a Page for the company I work for [[Company]] and I have pages for the projects I’m working on, but I nest the company name like this: [[[[Company]] Project-A]].

I’ve been worried about how cluttered this will eventually get so I’ve been thinking about Making “Project-A” a bullet in the [[Company]] page.

I also use a “Live List” page to keep track of my current todos. Right now I just reference the individual todo blocks, but if I used a “Project-A” block I could use a block embed to reference the entire project without all the messiness of a page embed.

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