What's your workflow for turning you daily notes into Evergreen Notes?

I started using Roam about a month ago, and so far I just capture everything in the daily notes pages. But I’ve been reading a lot about Zettelkasten and Evergreen Notes, and I’m curious to learn about other peoples’ workflows for turning daily notes into evergreen notes. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I, too, am a big fan of Andy Matuschak’s material and would be very interested in how other users are using these concepts as part of their workflow with Roam. How they process their notes and end up with Evergreen/Permanent Notes.

I’ve been trying different ways of regularly reviewing incomplete notes, other transient notes like Literature Notes (Reading Notes), draft Evergreen notes, and so forth that collect in my Writing Inbox in order to regularly generate Evergreen notes (and drain the material that can be archived or needs deletion), but am still trying to “find my way.”

Keep in mind these are not Roam specific, but in Andy’s note, How to process reading annotations into evergreen notes he has a link to a really good article that goes through the author’s process/workflow: Create Zettel from Reading Notes . The author additionally created a video of his workflow which involves his use of a different tool, but illustrates concepts that can be transferred to a workflow in Roam, IMHO.