What's in for believing

I was wondering how the Believer benefits are shaping up for you. The believer plan mentioned first access to new features (is this the case? I had the impression everything is shipped to everyone at the same time), community calls (intermittently, yes, but rarely at Europe-friendly times) and priority support (can’t comment on this, never needed support).

I am super-duper happy with Roam but looking back, I think I expected some kind of behind-the-scenes glimpse of current development and cool, new features. And since I don’t feel that way, I wanted to hear what you are all thinking about this.

I realize that this is not very important, but I’d also be interested to hear the Roam team’s view on this and what they could provide. For example, some updates like “in the next two weeks, we will ship customizable Pomos and add some functionality to sidebar, after that we will work on XYZ” would add some future perspective to the (still developing) product and maybe even introduce some sort of accountability towards the believers.


I’m bumping this in the hopes of getting a response from someone on the Roam team.
As far as I can tell, nothing described in my OP has changed: I’m still happy with Roam, there’s still none of the transparency/accountability. No real reason to become a Believer, really.

Others asking for similar info (API Timeline Update) also receive no answers, so maybe some perseverance is appropriate to get some of the priority support on our Believers forum :stuck_out_tongue: