What is Roam Research? No, it's not about the backlinks

I want to share some thoughts in a new article I wrote about Roam. Not for beginners, maybe. The first in a series. I hope you like it.



Very interesting perspective. As a neophyte graphista (primarily Neo4j, but trying to adapt to Gremlin/Cosmos), I concur :wink:

That said, I think for Roam to expose the true power of the graph database it would need to add attributes to relationships themselves. Right now a bidirectional link is an opaque link. I’d love to be able to create note/node “types” and then define relationships between those nodes. Typical example is a “Person” node, a “Book” node, and an “Authored” relationship, all of which can have their attributes (Person: name, dob, …; Authored: role (primary author, secondary, …; Book: title, ISBN, …)

For a while now I tried to find a user-centric graph database with a good GUI for editing nodes, the “MS Access of Graph Databases” if you will, and I never did. Roam comes tantalizingly close… :slight_smile: