What are your "top 3 tips" for advanced users?

Following @mattbrockwell’s thread - I am curious how people are Roaming at scale, both time and material. Particularly for those Roaming with entire teams, families, groups of co-authors, or thousands of pages of material with dense interlinks and overlaps.

What are your tips for condensing, synthesizing, refactoring? For importing, integrating, working with other tools + backups? For tracking changes over time and across many contributors? For handling permissions with larger groups? Advanced customizations and scripts?


This has already been answered elsewhere, but the Alias function has been replaced by the Linking function, at least for me. So instead of using {{Alias}} function I just use the link function

For example:


Where “…” can be a block, page or hyperlink.

So, for example:

Page Alias:

  • [Nassim Taleb]([[Nassim Nicholas Taleb]])

Block Alias:

  • [Nassim Taleb](((xkje38ks)))

Hyperlink Alias:

  • [Nassim Taleb](https://www.fooledbyrandomness.com)

These would all be considered Aliases, but have different functions.

Here’s the other thread where I mention this: How to modify color and background of an alias