Using roam in business

Hi Everyone -

I’d love to hear from others using ROME to run their company, departments, or startups.

At the moment, I’m using it for all meeting minutes, agendas, TODO, etc… Correlating information from different stakeholders has become easier as everything is in one place. I’m now tweaking the process of delegation and reporting of tasks with my team.

At the moment, I’m using it but would like to start getting my team onboarded so we can all start dropping information into the database. Anyone out there have exprience doing this, yet?


Been doing this at the company I work at. We use wireless sensors to monitor machine equipment (motors, pumps, fans, etc) in various industries (automotive, oil and gas, timber, etc).

As most of the analysts (myself included) have little knowledge or experience in the industries we serve we’ve started creating knowledge resources within Roam.

For example, I’ve created a page for the plywood industry which lists the linear process involved in a log becoming a piece of plywood. Within that I page reference all of the equipment involved. So if an analyst unfamiliar with the plywood industry needs to get caught up they can roam thru it and understand that a lathe is responsible for slicing the wood veneers and if it fails without a backup the mill could experience downtime.

The info from this is also contributing to direct marketing campaigns for the sales team. Wins all around :call_me_hand:


I would like to use it more for business, as it would be great tool for all kinds of uses, but currently I’m concerned about security. While you can encrypt individual blocks of information, that defeats the purpose of roam for easy searching and cross-referencing. And frankly, this is my biggest disappointment with the service thus far. There is no second factor authentication, no end-to-end encryption, and as I understand it, key employees can access user databases(albeit with some process controls), nor does security really seem like a focus for the Roam team right now. When asked about it, the response is just put any personal/sensitive data on a local database, but again that prevents easy access from multiple devices. While some things like end-to-end encryption are not easy to implement, something like multi-factor authentication is fairly simple and should be used for both their key employees’ access to data as well as Roam users since passwords have become notoriously weak against attacks either via social engineering or brute force. Of course even an obvious control in the application to change your password doesn’t exist and you have to log out and then select “forgot my password” and go through a reset to accomplish that. So all this doesn’t give me the warm and cozies that security is top of mind. And since it seems like users are putting their entire personal and work lives into Roam, this feels like a major data breach just waiting to happen. Given that people are paying for the service now, I believe there needs to be some investment in security vs. just rolling out new features. Short of MFA or other controls, another option might be to allow users to store their databases on some other service that does have better security such as iCloud and provide database synchronization via that service.


Knowledge management is exactly what I’m using it for as well for various stages of video game development. It’s been a real help there as well with tracking customer relationships.