Using Roam for managing (SaaS app) user feedback

Hi everyone,

I’m building a user feedback processing system in Roam for a SaaS app, as outlined in attached diagram. I’d love to get feedback on this for improvements, as well as get your input on some questions and concerns listed later on.

The reason for setting this up in Roam is that I can easily cross-reference the data in different ways.

For example, I can see all feedback that has come in from a specific user on that user’s page. At the same time, I can also go to the page of a specific feature, and see all users who have requested that feature, and on which date they did so (because of a reference to the daily page when the feedback came in).

All features also get listed on the features overview page where we prioritize the roadmap.

Specific questions and concerns:

  1. I’d love to query the data in such a way that I can see which feature has been requested by how many users of a specific profession (e.g., how many programmers have requested feature X?). I think this should be possible using the page attribute “occupation” on the user page, but not 100% sure what would be the most elegant way of doing this.
  2. Obviously this setup doesn’t scale because of the manual curation involved (point A in the diagram), but I’m counting on the future API to resolve this issue.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this approach. Also would love to see how others who use Roam for managing user feedback/research have set things up.