Using a Chrome extension to insert current day

I’m using Auto Text Expander for Chrome and it has native date functions. The one I’m using is **Today is** %d(dddd)

To trigger the text I simply type ;;today

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What would be really cool is to somehow incorporate into the roam/js page and do this natively in Roam. I’m not a JS programmer so I have no idea if this is even possible.

Have you tried the fuzzy date features in the unofficial Roam Toolkit (it does a lot more as well):

  • FuzzyDate - transform the date entered in the human format into the Roam format. For example if you type in ;fri; it’s going to replace it with the properly formatted vale for next Friday, so at the moment it’s output would be [[March 13th, 2020]].

I haven’t tried Roam Toolkit but I switched to TextBlaze specifically for the date shifting functions.

Bonjour, @solow.

Why wouldn’t you just type /today ? Or, if you wanted to pick a date from a calendar, you just type /pic and Date Picker will automatically pop up.


or use the much better roam42
you can type like 2001.9.11 or last friday and turn those into actual date with alt+shift+d

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