Uncompleted daily todos?

I load a daily template into my Daily Notes which includes a number of todos I try to get done each day (i.e. process my reading, work on my writing, practice guitar, etc.), each with a check box. When I review the week, I’m not sure what to do with the todos that I didn’t manage to complete. I can delete the todos, of course, but I’d like to keep some kind of log to track my progress. I could replace them with something else, but that’s also not ideal. Some easy option for marking them as undone would be ideal. Does anyone have a solution in Roam for uncompleted daily todos? Thanks very much!

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Add “[[daily todo]]” to each TODO in that template. Then you can filter by that to list/ignore those tasks.

That’s a decent workaround. Thanks. Interested still in other ideas, if anyone has them.