[[this]]/that: link in title in conjunction with namespace do not show contracted when linked in block body with namespace toggled off

Pardon the lofty title, here’s an example:

Is there a particular reason why this does not work?

I’d like to use this as a temporary alias-alternative in some cases, see this post: Synonyms, plurals, acronyms, aliases, multi-lingual usage of Roam, abbreviations, or: redirects

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Hey @re404, nice discovery!

I can sense this is functionally coherent i.e. all links are to remain visible.

so while [[[[mice]]/mouse]] shows as ‘mice/mouse’ (assuming namespaces are hidden in view), the links to both [[mice]] and [[[[mice]]/mouse]] are functional from this link depending on where you click (over mice or over mouse).

It seems the verdict is not out yet on how to best use namespaces as a primitive, I personally have remained conservative in my use of any higher order functionality myself until the team makes their decision.


re404, I didn’t realise that as it didn’t occur to me I could use namespaces like this, i.e. to have the namespace name set up as a page/tag itself too.

But that is actually a great idea! Everything within one namespace would be linked to this one umbrella page. Could be useful when working with the notes outside of Roam, after export.

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@mantaq10, do you know where I can find any discussion around how the team is thinking about using namespaces? I really hope they become more like first class citizens!

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@jonleung search through these twitter handles #roamcult @roamresearch @conaw and the vibrant slack community for these.

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