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Here is my daily note template. Does anyone have any thoughts?



Would it not be best to have them here as actual text, rather than screenshots?

Like Template Roam Research

  • Weekly Agenda (created on a different day, and embedded with /Block Reference )
  • [[Morning Questions]]
    • {{[[slider]]}} How many hours of sleep did I get?
    • What’s one thing top of mind today?
    • What’s the one thing I need to get done today to make progress?
    • Review #[[Index: Questions]] #values
  • Agenda
    • {{[[TODO]]}} Morning walk #goal-health #habit
    • {{[[TODO]]}} Check calendar for scheduled events
    • {{[[TODO]]}} Morning focus hour
      • {{[[TODO]]}} Read 30 minutes #goal-learning #habit
    • {{[[TODO]]}} Review Readwise.io
    • {{[[TODO]]}} 10 minutes meditation #goal-health #habit
    • {{[[TODO]]}} Workout or run #goal-health #habit
    • {{[[TODO]]}} Evening focus hour
      • {{[[TODO]]}} Do 7 - 30 - 90 review
    • {{[[TODO]]}} read for pleasure, watch something, go for a walk
  • [[Evening Questions]]
    • List three things I’m grateful for #habit #gratitude
    • What made me happy today?
    • What made me sad?
    • Where there any signs of my day going to shit that I could recognize?
    • What prevented me from reaching my goals today?
    • What am I looking forward to?

Here is my [[skeletons / methods / tags / tools]] page

  • Article: put title here

    • Topic:
    • **Tags: **
    • URL:
    • Quotes / Summary:
    • Comments / Questions:
  • Book: title here

    • Quotes / Summary:
    • Comments / Questions:
    • Topic:
    • Tags:
    • URL:
  • Podcast
    • Show:
    • Speaker(s):
    • Topic:
    • Tags:
    • URL:
    • Summary:
  • Videos
    • Speaker:
    • Tags:
    • Summary:
    • Link or Embed:
  • Projects
    • Due Date:
    • Completed Date:
    • Status:
    • Related Goals:
    • Success Criteria:
    • Tags:
  • [[Week template]]
  • Quarterly Preview
    • Review [[Yearly Planning]]
    • My biggest wins
    • Process on annual goals for this quarter (% successful)
    • Overall, what worked and what didn’t?
    • What will you keep doing?
    • What will you start doing?
    • What will you improve?
    • What will you stop doing?
  • [[tools]]
    • [[Find and replace]]
    • [[KANBAN BOX]]
      • {{kanban}}
        • indent once for column title
          • and another item
          • this could be a great way to write an articles / thesis - very easy to read
          • clock on the block to open the side bar - and see furtherinfo
          • I was in column 2, now I am in column 1
        • This is a second collum
          • I was in column 1, now I am in column 2 - just click and drag
          • indent again for items to put in list (ps look at the next level)
            • stuff inside
        • A third column
          • more stuff
    • [[tables]]

I like the Related Goals for projects.

Ideally, you should be able to use this for Page Mentions, but currently you would get the line of Tags appear, when you just want the Page title. There’s a clever way of removing this by CSS, but then you miss those opportunities when you want context, such as with text blocks.

I can’t see a way around this other than having a separate function of page mentions that delivers only titles.

Mine involves shortcuts and queries but I think everyone will get the point:

#[[Morning Review]]
	#[[Weather Report]]
		Location:: #Home
		Weather Summary:: Weather Data (Summary)
		Conditions:: Weather Data (Condition) with Weather Data (Precipitation Chance)
		H/L Temp:: High - Weather Data (High), Low - Weather Data (Low)
	#[[Sleep Log]]
		Sleep Time::
		Sleep Quality::
	#[[Morning Pages]]
		#[[Morning Reflection]]
			{{[[query]]: {and: [[-1 Day]] [[Evening Pages]] {not: [[query]]}}}}
		[[Who benefits from your work?]]
		[[What am I grateful for?]]
		[[What do I want the day’s highlight to be?]]
		[[Daily Affirmations]]
		[[What am I think of?]]
	#[[Open Questions]]
		{{[[query]]: {and: [[Question]] [[TODO]] {not: {or:[[query]] [[DONE]] [[〶 | Templates]]}}}}}
			Family Events
#[[Class Notes]]
#[[✪ | History 102 - 4824]]
#[[✪ | History 7 - 10117]]
#[[✪ | History 1 - 10609]]
#[[Pedagogical Reflections]]
#[[Daily Notes]]
#[[Action List]]
{{[[TODO]]}}  Process Linked and Unlinked Mentions
 {{[[query]]: {and: [[TODO]] [[Action]] {not: {or: [[query]] [[Subtask:]]}}}}}
	{{[[query]]: {and: [[TODO]] [[Scheduled]] {not: {or: [[query]] [[Action]]}} {between: [[Today's Date]] [[+2 Weeks]]}}}}
#[[Evening Review]]
{{[[TODO]]}} ((t40tuB6PO))
{{[[TODO]]}} ((3SfSUPrd5))
{{[[TODO]]}} ((xTkEpoG91))
{{[[TODO]]}} #[[Evening Pages]]
	[[Amazing things that happened]]
	[[What I have learned]]
	[[What could I have done better?]]
#[[Capture Inbox]]
Shortcut Result

I don’t know what happened to the formatting there but I think it is still readable.


Can you explain how this query works? What does the Subtask category do?

I tag subtasks with that tag so that in queries the subtasks don’t show up. However, you just need to hit the disclosure triangle and the subtasks open in the query. It’s a way of keeping the task list clean.

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Do you convert those relative dates in queries manually to Roam’s format? Is it something handled by Text Expander or Keyboard Maestro?

{between: [[Today's Date]] [[+2 Weeks]]
{and: [[-1 Day]] [[Evening Pages]]

There actually Siri Shortcuts variables - I left them in there for illustrations purposes.

For full context, here is a screen shot the demonstrates the point. When the query runs, since it excludes “Subtask:” - they don’t know up. But you can then open the disclosure triangle to see the tasks, EVEN IF they are tagged with “Subtask:”



  1. Tell us more about “Complete the transition of iOS Shortcuts Back to Roam.”
    Did you come up with a way to eliminate the use of iOS Shortcuts to build out your
    #[[Morning Review]]?

  2. Also, why did this query not show anything for the next two weeks?

	{{[[query]]: {and: [[TODO]] [[Scheduled]] {not: {or: [[query]] [[Action]]}} {between: [[Todays Date]] [[+2 Weeks]]}}}}


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