Specific pages causing freeze/crash on macOS

I can navigate most of my database, but I am unable to load some essential pages. I noticed this shortly after installing the Brave browser on my MacBook which I suspect may have updated Chromium in the background to a new version which has issues with Roam. I already cleared my cache, cookies, site data, everything stored locally by Roam, or so I think. Everything is working fine on my Windows machine (I did not install Brave on that system).

Thoughts? Anyone else experiencing the same thing?


Roam is having issues today and I believe they are working on it.

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I still have this issue, how is it going?

I’ve just started working for the day but I already have at least one page that is freezing. Windows 10/Edge. Looks like it has to do with the content on the page.

Roam support did get back to me over email, but while I was attempting to document the issue, I stopped having the issue. It seems to have helped that I loaded the trouble page directly using its full URL rather than trying to navigate to it from Daily Notes.