Simplify bug reporting

For the benefit of Roam the product and Roam Research the company, please try to improve the ease of reporting issues.

I was expecting it [reporting issues] to be as easy as opening the Help overlay and clicking a link, filling out any information I might have regarding the issue and be on my merry way.

I’ll recount my steps to illustrate the first time user experience:

  • Scoured the graph page I was on where the issues occured, looking for some way to report the issues.
  • Looked in the main app page.
  • Opened the main Roam Research page, scrolled to the bottom of the page and clicked the Support link.
  • Tried to navigate the (to me at least) unusual Support page layout.
    • (I quit at this point, feeling like “this is too much of a hassle”, but I eventually reopened the tab after a few minutes)
  • Noticed the “Moving to a new forum” post in Announcements.
  • Jumped over to this Discourse forum.
  • Signed up a new user.
    • (I nearly quit again at this point, having to sign up to report an issue really grinds my gears).
  • Looked confused at the categories, trying to decipher what goes where.
  • Finds one of the issues already reported thanks to the powers of search.
    • Likes the OP and replies to the thread that the issue is still there.
  • Posts second issue in Site Feedback because it looks like that’s where others are posting issues.

I hope the Roam Research team is aware how important it is to make issue reporting as smooth an experience as possible. As usual everything needs to be prioritized but having as much data as possible (ie issues type & frequency vs feature requests vs “the server’s on fire!”) is key in my mind.

Thanks for reading, have an excellent day!

PS. I had to removed various links because apparently Discourse limits the amount of links a new user can add in a post. Most likely it’s to prevent bots from spamming links, but yet again it’s just sooo frustrating as a legitimate.


I too, would like to see a clear and centralized means for bug reporting. Preferably a GitHub repo and its Issues tracking. Just like Docker for Windows and many other closed-source projects are using.

+1, this is incredibly important.

+1 same “user experience” - I found a bug, where to put it?

I agree. And IMHO, if Roam Research would utilize the Issues section of a Github repository (just like Docker, Microsoft, and many others with closed-source) the functionality is already there and easily used by beginners and experts alike.