Request: Export to PDF

I’m loving organizing information in Roam, but I’m struggling with exporting to html and PDF. I’d like to assemble my ideas in Roam and then export without fuss. As long as you don’t bold & highlight it isn’t too cumbersome. Does anyone have any tips or strategies? Perhaps it is as simple as “don’t bother bolding & highlighting in Roam.” Strategies I’m thinking about-- better find/replace (I don’t know grep), finding a print .css, etc. A few people recommended command line tools, but haven’t tested them. I got security alerts on one that I downloaded from github.


Have you tried exporting a page to Markdown? There are several markdown editors that can convert/export to html and pdf.

export to markdown has fidelity issues and is semi-broken; also you don’t get back links in the exported markdown

Yes. Were you able to see the graphic I posted? The problem is the Roam export isn’t standard. No markdown app can render it without some sort of processing.

Perhaps the solution is to NOT bold + highlight.

I like how Paul put it:

Personally, I’m not expecting a PDF document back links. . . I simply want to share some work that I’ve compiled with my students and colleagues.

I have written a tool that may help a bit:
It will help strip formatting and braces and some other options and convert to a more standard markdown output. Also recently someone provided me with some code to convert to latex which if you’re familiar gives you an easier way to convert to PDF.

Not as good as something built in obviously, but a workaround for now.

Why does it look like this? Overlapping menu?

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Your tool is truly magnificent and impressive. Thank you for your contribution to the Roam community!

I think for now, it is better for me to not try to add any formatting in Roam and just focus on words.

At some point I’ll have to figure out latex. Using your tool and then an online tool gave good results, but it stripped the highlight.

Probably because your window isn’t tall enough - and my CSS skills are lacking.

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the latex export is brand new, there may very well be more we can do to export things like that. What is the syntax for highlighting in latex?

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Thanks for the tool. I’ve decided that I’m not going to add additional formatting to anything in roam. I don’t know latex. I want to simplify my workflow.

My personal use case for export to PDF is because the corporation I work for doesn’t allow data to be stored in outside the firewall servers. But I love taking my daily notes on my work PC in Roam. It lets me do that but Roam cannot sync due to our firewall. So in my case I would have to have export PDF, and import PDF to just send my notes to my personal PC (not used at work). Cheers.

I use Gofullpage pdf exporter.

Zero fuss.

thanks @rhyswells101.
This is really awesome, my go to app now for sending my Roam notes to non Roam users