Reading list, read later collection and bookmarks in Roam?


i was wondering how you manage your reading list in Roam? I used Raindrop before (and Pocket before that), but I want to keep using Roam more and more.

I am curious on your process; collecting items to your reading list, tagging and organizing - also for future reference.

My current process:

  • Grab a link in markdown format with a chrome extension (copy as markdown)
  • Add some tags and store it nested under [[readinglist]] in my Daily Notes
  • (optional) Highlight the article with Roam Highlighter. After reading, replace the orginal alias with updated highlights and additional tags.
  • Add the [[read]] tag to mark it as done.

Thanks for your comments and input.

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I use a kanban approach to organizing my books and articles.

Then in my books I use attributes for things like the author, where the book can be found, and so on; and write my notes there. Something like this…


My intake/discovery mechanism is a little different, because the vast majority of things I want to read later I encounter while on my iPhone. I use the snippet detailed here:, and it works really, really well.

I use my RSS reader app (Newsblur) to skim all the sources I follow, then when I find something that needs further attention, focus, and cataloging I use the “save to Roam” button.


I use an intermediate step to capture the read it later links. It was moved from Instapaper to Drafts to Good Links. I also find Copied app as a strong contender. It serves my purpose of capturing and classifying the links. Once a day, I review what needs to get to Roam and what goes to the bin. My read it later is very diversified, including web pages, news, videos, tweets and social media related links.

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Dump everything into Instapaper
Read, highlight, and take quick notes in Instapapper Use the Readwise integration with Roam and take further notes in Roam
For book same step with Kindle

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“Readwise integration with Roam?” I see Readwise integrations with Evernote & Notion, and I thought they were working on Roam, but has something been released?

Apparently Nat gave us the secret link in this article


Sweet! I think I saw that article but must have been skimming too fast.