Queries for namespacing?

I have started using namespacing a few months ago with the hope of being able to bring together things in one place. For example, for people I use the formula [[person/org name/person name]] and for companies I use someting like [[education/university/university name]]. I have tried to do queries that collect all pages that have [[person/certain organisatino/*]] so I can see all people that work in that place. This didn’t work as the * star replacing a variable which I know from somewhere isn’t here.

Is there a way to use queries or to collect different pages that use the same first part or two from name spacing?

Hi Tammamo,

Namespacing could be more powerful I agree.

Maybe you should consider this, example:
[[[[education]]/[[university]]/[[TU Delft]]]]

… it looks a bit messy, but works. I’m still playing with different options still … I don’t know how feasible the usage as above is, since Roam is “hierarchy-averse” in nature … I’m not sure yet…

AND a big disadvantage is the namespace display inconsistency, see: [[this]]/that: link in title in conjunction with namespace do not show contracted when linked in block body with namespace toggled off - #6 by re404