PDF annotation (in-app)

Are there any plans to add PDF annotation similar to what RemNote recently introduced? Where you can annotate the PDFs directly in the app and create annotations within your graph with links to the specific PDF pages.


Here is an example from RemNote


This is powerful and so very useful! I am using a hacky way to make this work with evernote/local files. If we can do this in ROAM, it will be a WIN!


I would really appreciate this feature.

This would be incredible, I’m currently using a two-step method of using the Highlights desktop app, then exporting and put into Adobe Acrobat to markdown as text (free).

I +1 this idea/request. PDF highlighting and linking back to your notes is the reason why I am finding myself using RemNote more and more and gradually pushed away from Roam, although the latter is definitely stronger on some other key areas.


I’d also love to see this feature. I’m constantly at a loss on how to deal with PDF’s since they’re so tricky from a backend perspective, I’ve heard. But to us on the reading end, having a way to pull them out would be +1 important.

I use Instapaper and Readwise, but neither can handle PDF as far as I’ve found (am I wrong?? would love to be proved wrong)

You can upload PDFs with highlights to Readwise (https://readwise.io/import/pdf/) and it should parce the highlighted text out. Not sure how well that works with Roam though (or if it can take you to the original PDF once in Roam).

I organise PDFs in Zotero, highlight and take notes in any standard app (Mac Preview), export annotations with Zotero, then export Zotero item (including the extracted annotation to Roam).
Definitely check this out if you use Zotero (and you should if you’re doing research) GitHub - melat0nin/zotero-roam-export: A Zotero addon for exporting to Roam

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If you are interested, you can help crowdfund the PDF annotation JS plugin for roam here:


Wow, that would be so useful!

While we’re on this topic, including some mathpix grade OCR in said editor would be very welcome to those of us romans in the math/physics community :wink:

This is THE feature I have been waiting for since the birth of Roam Research! :slight_smile:

Actually, I visited this forum to see if there was any talk of this in Roam Research’s Roadmap.
I too have been working with RemNote more and more because of this feature. I hope that the developers are reading this thread in amongst all the noise.

Also, the addition of an OCR feature would make Roam Research the ultimate app! :slight_smile:
Margin Note 3 handles OCR very well and is really inexpensive.

Both PDF highlight (beta) and mathpix OCR are available as JS extensions:

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That’s amazing. Does the PDF highlighter support only the {{pdf:}} embeds or can it also work on any other {{iframe:}} embeds as well? Asking because I’m not 100% comfortable saving all files to Roam yet and using a different file storage system (Box) that allows me to embed into Roam (but also supports Word docs in addition to PDFs).

Also, do you still accept beta testers? And if we wanted to donate $$ how would we go about it?

Not sure about the other iframes, the main problem is CORS. I think it is not possible to embed Google Drive files? Don’t have Box, though.

Yeah, DM me on Twitter for beta testing. For donations, the above bounty is open for contribution.