Order of keyboard operations gets inverted when typing page links and creating new blocks

Irritating problem with creating page links - quite often, when I’m typing fast, if I want to type [[cicero]] it will come out as [[iceroc]] - there is a small lag, which means that the ]] is added in after I’ve already typed the first letter of the page link, and then the page link comes out in the wrong order.

I also notice that sometimes if I want to create an indented block /sub-bulletpoint (by hitting enter and then tab) that comes out in the wrong order as well - it indents the original block, and then creates a new sub-block.

For reference I’m working on a 2015 Macbook Pro.

Anyone else noticed this? Is it just my laptop being slow? I’ve never had anything like this in Word or Google Docs, for example.


I have the exact same problem with the order of characters being jumbled when I type a link, and it happens all the time. This seems to be a bug. Sometimes I don’t notice it and later find weird links come up, like “tocs” for “cost.” It forces you to type links very slowly and deliberately, which hampers the work. This is one of the reasons I’d like to have an automatic alphabetic “tags” index generated, so we can clean up these kinds of errors. (I’m working in Windows 10.)

This happens to me too!

Chrome browser 2018 Macbook Pro, now on macOS Big Sur but has been happening for awhile…

This has now happened to me on every single attempt to enter a link in brackets. Hundreds of times tonight. Can someone from Roam confirm whether they’re working to fix this?