Opening pages on the main window when they are opened in the sidebar

Is there a quicker way to open in the main window a page that you have already opened in the sidebar?

If you want to open in the sidebar a page that you have opened in the main window, you would shift-click on the title of that page. What I want is the opposite process.

Some versions ago, if you simply click on the name title of the page on the sidebar, it would open that page on the main window. Now, after a few updates that option is not working anymore and now you have to collapse the page on the sidebar by clicking on its title to see the name converted into a link saying “öutline of: page name link” and only then you can click on it to open it on the main window.

What I am asking is if there is a way to do that quicker, with just one click as it was before (without having to collapse the page you want to open in the main window.

Or maybe with a shortcut? Thanks in advance for any answer :slight_smile:


@lesamurai - If you left -click on the Block you want to see or minimize and then click on the Outline Title within the sidebar, it will open within the main window.


Maybe I didn’t explain very well. What I want is to open the page I have on the sidebar in the main window WITHOUT having to minimize it before. That doesn’t seem to be possible anymore.

PS: I am on a MacBook, so no mouse, no left-click. Clicking the touchpad with two fingers, or Comnd+clicking the touchpad won’t do anything either. I don’t know where you said I have to click to open it on the main window if the block is not minimized. In the image, you sent the bloc is already minimized which is the step I want to skip. Thanks.

My apologies, I misread the question. It got lost in block of text.

I can confirm the same behavior is true on Windows Chrome, Edge, Explorer, and iOS.

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two things:

  1. close the page in sidebar and then the name becomes clickable. (I know that you mentioned this in the question, wanted to leave a screen for others to see)

  2. I have a Keyboard Maestro macro which opens the highlighted text. I press the hotkey after highlighting the page name in the sidebar with mouse

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Oh, I see. That seems like a clever workaround. If you’ve got to make that special script then obviously there is no way to easily do that with a native function. I never used Keyboard Maestro, and I’m quite reluctant to add new non-essential tools or add-ons to my already cluttered workflow :stuck_out_tongue: So, I hope Roam will soon give as a way to do this faster and straight in one click as it was before the last big update. Thanks anyway for the suggestion!

Yeah I hope so too. I’ve also written to Roamhacker to suggest adding a keyboard shortcut for it as well.

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