Obstacles for long time users

I am wondering how people handle the differences between [[page reference]] and ((block reference))
When do use one over the other?
The reason for this question is that after 9 months of using Roam, my graphs are so cluttered that they are nearly unreadable. Was wondering how you guys may handle this issue if at all.


Mine’s a mess, too. Makes me wonder if it’s so messed up that I won’t be able to enjoy the long-term benefits of Roam.

So yeah… Count me in as someone who’s looking for some insight on this.

Personally I only use block reference! I haven’t quite understood when to use page reference :sweat_smile:

Personally I use page reference when I want to sum up multiple scattered notes to a major topic, for example, if I write about [[topic A]] on many daily notes, I can see all relevant notes in the [[topic A]] page anytime.

As for block reference, usually I use it when I actually want to refer some certain content from the other note, which is super convenient with search function etc.