More useful, less confusing drag options + embed shortcut

Hi, I’ve seen confusion around this in most roam forums I’ve been in.

So we can copy w/ child ref by ctrl+click then shift + release. (holy f*** that’s hard to figure out and remember).

I would love:

  1. if that shortcut were easier, what makes it not simply shift+ctrl then drag (which is less complicated and doesn’t seem to do anything right now)?
  2. there are so many unused variation (alt + drag, ctrl+alt+drag, shift+ alt + drag etc.) that all do the same as a normal click + drag.

In general, there is a risk of moving notes by accident instead of embedding or pasting references when these confusing or finicky shortcuts need to be used.

I’m here at 9:15 am, beginning of my day (high value time) because I’m feeling so frustrated and regularly obstructed in my morning page routine by this functionality that it felt worth it to stop my morning just to share (I hope that gives some weight to the request)

  1. Can we have a drag shortcut for copy / embed?



Yes! That’s what I want to do most often.

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