Mindmap or Visual View of the Outline

Related/Reference: Building onto the feature request here about Toggle Brainstorm View.

RoamResearch needs to move beyond just the outline view of text;

  • Ability to view the outline in a mindmap view (so that I can find links and references between blocks). For example, I am researching something and TOPIC A and TOPIC B connect. This is hard to find out in outline text view, but in visual view. It can be much easier.
  • Other apps (dynalist etc) have this feature built-in. I find myself switching between the two to do better research thinking

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I do appreciate the idea, but I would prefer a simpler mind map. Here is how it works in dynalist .

Write your outline, just like in roam

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 8.33.37 AM

Toggle into Mind map

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 8.35.35 AM

I like this clean and simple look


You have a graph view and there is a mindmap plugin.

Thanks, Bartman. The mindmap plugin is great for visualization. It does not solve the problem of wanting to edit / modify the mindmap as I am viewing it.

I would also prefer that Roam natively build it – instead of a plugin.


Yeah, I get that. Maybe they will one day, but in my opinion the nice thing is that developers can easily make what they want. Think of all the plugins for Chrome. I wouldn’t trust Google with my passwords, for example, but besides that, the possibilities and ideas are endless. I wouldn’t want Roam to have it all built in. Then we’d have something bloated like Word. But anyway, have you tried the /diagram command? That’s a built in feature.

Today I was dreaming of a mindmap function too… then I ran into this tweet … https://twitter.com/RalphMRivera/status/1358807951042052098 replied by @Conaw taking a stab at it live coding TODAY with CSS only https://twitter.com/Conaw/status/1363768833287229446

Where do I find the (best) mindmap plugin?

It’s on David Vargas’ website: Roam JS

That’s the only one I know about.

thanks! the video looks promising.

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Let me know how you find it. It would be better if we could edit the mindmap … rather than edit the text separately from the mindmap.