Local changes remain pending for hours

Hi Roamans!

Can anyone shed light on what might be happening in my Roam that would cause the little indicator button (to the left of the search box) to STAY orange for hours, while (when I hover over it w my mouse cursor) displaying the message that “Roam is online. 23 pending local changes. 0 pending remote changes. Last change in server: 02/02/2021, 20:51:48 GMT-5”?

The timestamp has changed over the hours I’ve bn seeing this. I first noticed it at around 2pm today.

Interestingly enough, when I call up full Roam on my iPhone that same indicator is a bright green. –

When I think abt logging off Roam (from my laptop), the system flashes a “Leave site?” message which says “Changes you made may not be saved” and gives me the choice of either Leaving or Canceling.

So far, I’ve chosen “Cancel.”

Any idea what might be happening to my Roam on my laptop?

The situation corrected itself in that the indicator button was Bright Green at midnight (Eastern). Thanks to everyone who may have give this post even a passing thought! Its appreciated.

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