Keyboard Shortcuts for “Expand all” and “Collapse all”

Quickly toggling between context and detail is super helpful. It’s already possible to expand or collapse all bullets under a page by right clicking and selecting the option with the cursor, but this is more time consuming and there are no keyboard shortcuts for this:

There are keyboard shortcuts for expanding or collapsing individual bullet points. It would be really, really helpful to also have keyboard shortcuts for expanding and collapsing all bullet points.



Sounds like a worthwhile addition.

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Yes, please. I often need to collapse-all at the page level, in both main panel and sidebar. Seems it would be simple enough to make the collapse-all shortcut work on the page title.

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Agreed! Seems like a no brainer!

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Plus one to this! Please make it happen!

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The Roam42 extension provides this functionality.

Now we can achieve something similar by clicking on the vertical lines to the left of the bullets. Have you tried that?

I know that is not the same as a keyboard shortcut, and I also would like to have the ability to collapse/expand all with a hot key combination.

Just mentioning the clicking on the left bar feature because it is cool in the way that provides you with control over how many children steps do you want to collapse/expand, which is nice.