Is there a way to add /time to roam/templates?

This might be a feature request… Not sure. Is there a way to add some of the stuff accessible via / to templates?

I moved all my Alfred snippets to [[roam/templates]], but I can’t figure out if there’s a way to trigger my daily log template with the current time :thinking:


Great question! This is the reason I’m still using Alfred templates, haven’t figured out the way to do dates or times.

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FWIW, after using the native templates, I’d recommend you switch and just “manually” add the stuff like /time. It’s much smoother in my experience and you don’t have to worry about keeping your templates in sync when you tweak your workflow… Just my 2 cents, even though you didn’t ask :sweat_smile:

Probably good approach, thanks!

I also think SmartBlocks might work but until more usable mobile version I’ll just keep working on MacBook and use an Alfred template