IPad scroll breaking? - Oct 31 2020

I’ve been using roam on the chrome browser on iPad (just tried safari and it’s the same) since June about once a week. And today - (seems like there may have been a release on the 22nd re all page views - can’t scroll down the change log to see if there’s anything else), i can’t scroll down. Tried using two fingers + 1. I’m on iOS 14 and the latest of chrome + safari.

I can scroll down on the blocks, but it’s choppy and requires excessive scrolls down the blocks before the screen moves.

Anyone else on the ipad having this problem?

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Today there was a major update which significantly improved the right sidebar. Unfortunately this update broke Roam on iPad causing an inability to scroll the main window.

The problem was quickly identified and earlier today the Roam team issued a fix. I am an iPad user and can verify that this issue has been resolved. Just do an update and you should be good to go.

I find Roam works well on an iPad but iPad’s are not like computers in that they have much less memory which does affect performance - mostly by forcing a re-start of your graph whenever you have been doing something else intensive on the iPad that requires memory.

I find Safari on iPad much better than Chrome and if you want to use some of the extensions like Roam42, then I would recommend Safari as much of Roam42’s functionality just doesn’t seem to work in Chrome.

Anyway the scroll issue you have been experiencing today is fixed so do an update on your iPad.

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