How to find the original from a block embed?

Use case: You are viewing a block embedded in a random page, but you want to navigate to where the original block was made, and see all the context (previous and following blocks to the one you are just seeing now embedded in this other page).
How can you navigate to the original block in its original context?
In other words, how do you know where that embedded is coming from?
I constantly encounter this frustration of not being able to find the primary source of embedded blocks. Does anyone know a simple way to achieve this? Thanks!

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Double click to open original in main window, shift-click to open in sidebar.

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This seems to work only for block reference, not block embed.

Currently the only way seems to be:

  1. Hovering over the bottom left of the gap between the bullet point and the embedded block text.
  2. Click on the tiny vertical bar. Let it reveal the original block bullet point.
  3. Then click on that revealed bullet point (or shift + click if you want it to be opened in the side pane).
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Thank you for answering. But that’s not working for me, though. :frowning:
Still can’t find an easy and logical way to find the original block from a block embed.