How to find connected thought?

When the number of notes keep increasing, I find it more and more difficult to connect it to relevant older notes because I can’t remember all the old notes I have taken. What’s your strategy to solve this problem?

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I too struggled with this and came to realise that I was attempting to imposing too much order in my Roam Database by trying to be overly specific. Now I find it useful to tag notes with more broad ‘concepts’ or ‘ideas’ that mean something to me or what I am working on at any particular moment ; or even what might be beneficial to my future self. This way I don’t have to actually remember specific notes from the past because I can use Roam’s linked and unlinked references, mentions and queries to “find” all notes relevant to some particular idea or concept. Then the old notes re-surface in relation to other notes that I otherwise may not have come across, often sparking new ideas or insights. This is Roam’s superpower in my opinion. Now I tag notes freely and often for my future self to find. Figure out your own relevant concepts and ideas and tag freely. Many of my favourite tags are simple broad things like #happiness #funny #familymoments #insight #uplifting #peace #compassion, etc. Find your own and build on them over time. And tag often and freely.
Your future self will thank you.

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Tagging notes is basically foreseeing future use. For me it’s easier to skip notes not relevant to a specific subject than to painstakingly keep (and remember) a whole database of very precise tags. So that’s why I decided long ago to tag broadly, often and loosely.


Assuming yes, you didnt tag, this is just a suggestion.

Hoping this process teaches how you can better write to link and reference your capture notes in the future.

Hit, Control + U or Cmd + U (mac) to search a key word you want to write about.
In the search, read a block of past notes and click on that note that resonates with you.
This block will open up in the main page.

Next progressively summarize that block of note, not by highlighting or bolding, but by SELECT key string or strings of words that relates to what you want to write about.
Hit [[ to turn it into a link/page/tag/reference.

Zoom into that link (one more time) to open as a page.
In this new page, check out and toggle the Unlinked References below.
You’ll see other blocks of thoughts to choose from to repeat the steps I’ve described above.
Connect link/page/tag/reference repeat.

Open the side window once you get a hang of connecting blocks and progressively summarize your thoughts together.

Once you’re aware of how to write and link your notes better in Roam, you will skip the steps I’ve describe above.
Then I suggest to read learn about having conversations with your notes using “Queries”.

If all fails, just keep writing and [[link]] thoughts.


I would suggest also creating areas of thought or index pages where you keep track of lines of thinking and exploration - AND make a habit of reviewing them.


Neat idea, in the early sessions to build these index, I could definitely see trying to use block references or block embeds to build the index pages.


Thats what I would do - as portals.