How should I enter my data so the graph visualizes the linkages I want to see?

I feel this is sort of a dumb question, but I’m stumped.

I thought a bullet formatted like so would link these concepts to each other on the graph, but it does not:

• [[Quote]] [[Author]] [[Source]] [[Tag]]

I can navigate these links as I expect through “Linked References”:

But that doesn’t translate to the graph:

What sort of format should I enter these things into Roam so that they link robustly? I have ~1400 bullets with quotes from ~80 authors, five sources, and ~20 tags (some quotes have multiple tags). Here’s what my data looks like now:

Thanks for thinking this through with me.

After some tinkering it seems that a [[Quote]] page with bullets:

  • Author: [[Author]]
  • Source: [[Source]]
  • Tags: [[Tag 1]] [[Tag 2]]

Would let me visualize things as I’d like. That’s actually a pretty difficult format to export to from my source material, unfortunately, so if there are other ideas, please lmk. Thanks!

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Thing to be aware of is roam graph is very limited atm

Not really sure myself

If you are into a graph interface I highly recommend checking out roam portals

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Thanks for this tip. I hadn’t heard about Roam Portal and will check it out.