How do I restore from GitHub

Roam failed again and this time I only have GitHub back up for 12 days in January.

How do I download the .md files?

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Hello, Is no one going to answer this?

Please someone help me.

I set up the GitHub per the instructions. But it did not say what to do when you need to restore from GitHub to Roam.

I post here and nothing for three days.

Can you click on the menu in the upper right and import files?

If this is urgent, you might have better luck using the Intercom help or posting in the Slack group.

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I know how to import the files. I just don’t know how to get them out of the Github backup. It’s probably something simple but I am not a power Github user and have already spent 30 mins on trying to figure it out. Unfortunately, in the page that provides instructions for creating the backup process in GitHub, it does not speak to how to get the files if you ever need to use them.

I submitted on Intercom thanks

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