Hiccup and embeeding pdfs on google drive / dropbox

Hi all,

Greetings from Melbourne. I have joined a few roam office hours, and it’s been a great learning experience meeting some of you.

I have a question that might be simple, but I am not finding the right resources:

  1. Can I embed a public pdf available via a dropbox/Gdrive link in my graph? I guess the answer is somewhat related to hiccup, which leads me to question 2

  2. Where can I find useful resources on how to use hiccup in roam?

Alysson @alycosta

Here is the help page on hiccup for Roam…

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There is a PDF embed function.

{{pdf: link to pdf here}}

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Thanks! I will read it carefully!

Thanks! For some reason, my links both from Gdrive and Dropbox present a message that “Gdrive/Dropbox refused to connect”, even if the links are public. Is there anything I am missing ?

Hmmm. I can’t get it to work from Google Drive, either. Not even with sharing turned on. :frowning_face:

It worked fine from OneDrive. But not Google Drive.
I don’t have a Dropbox account, so I haven’t tested that myself.

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Good to know it works from OneDrive. Guess I will use that for now. Thanks for your help.

I can help.

you just need to edit the link from google drive from
to {{iframe:https://drive.google.com/file/d/abc123/preview?usp=sharing}}

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Works like a charm! Thanks!!