Feature Request: Synergy with native $ and $$ conventions for LaTeX

Would it be possible to have the option to make parts of my database conform to the conventions present in native LaTeX ($ for inline equations, $$ for block equations)?

I am a student in physics and mathematics and the fact that I cannot import content written in native LaTeX from other sources into my database is pretty prohibitive for truly incorporating Roam into my academic workflow.


I support this feature request.

Most people who work with LaTeX or Markdown will use the inline equations and block equations for different purposes. And the convention mark for inline equation is ‘' in almost all case. For example, the Wikipedia also uses the '’ for the inline equation. So, every time we copy a sentence with many math symbols, it will be annoying that we need to add two extra ‘$’ to make it right. Many people have lots of existing notes with inline equations, and there are apps that convert images to source LaTeX code following this convention too. So, copying equations happen a lot.

Roam Research uses the ‘$$’ for inline equation might make it hard to write math equations since it conflicts with the convention. And supporting for block is also a nice feature since we normally use the entering style for block equation.

I think this feature should be token care of in early version since the transition may cause a mess.

I support this. It is very important to have the possibility to enter inline math and display math formulae. I am used to MathJax where it is easy to configure that sinlge $ makes inline math while $$ make display equations. However, I do not know how easy it is to get that done with KaTeX within Markdown.

But, please, make this possible, it would greatly add to the functionality of Roam for people working in natural sciences, physics, mathematics etc.

I support this. I convert by markdown notes to blog posts using jekyll. Converting my roam notes becomes a nightmare because the there is not distinction between inline math and block math!