Favorite Free Roam Tutorials?

There are a host of great videos on YouTube, and articles and essays on places like NessLabs.com Roambrain.com and Roamtips.com – curious what links people have found most helpful


I have looked at all the resources you have listed but the biggest impact for me was from Anonym.s. I would gladly pay for a course by him.


I second the video course by Anonym.s. I’ve watched his entire course and set up my system pretty much that way - though I’ve modified it a little bit.


This may not be a popular opinion. but the workflow series on Nebula by Ali Abdaal really gave me the start that I needed to get going with Roam Research. The YouTube videos by Shu Omi are great too.


Was it worth paying for Nebula to see his Roam tutorial?

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I second Shu Omi (and of course Anonym.s).

I also just enrolled in this free email course by Andy Henson. While I’ve only received one email so far, there were already some ideas in it that really resonated- such as seeing how Roam may unlock a higher form of collaborative learning in public and using the Roam database he’s putting together as a meta-playground where we can all learn together.

I’m excited to follow this thread because I’ve been on the lookout for helpful resources.


@Mr.Sikand san you share the link to the workflow series by Ali Abdaal?

@efrowning it looks like Nebula has a 7-day free trial

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the Youtube course by Anonym.s has been helpful to me. And by the way, thanks for developing the program. I continue to compare it with other programs, but I am placing all my notes in Roam. It is like purchasing my first Apple computer i the early ‘80s.


Just curious. Why would you say not a popular opinion? Ali Abdaal cranks out some really good content with great production values.

I also watched Anonym.s videos, it helped me a lot

@nds-edward I said that it may not be a popular opinion because I don’t think many people are subscribed to nebula. If feel like a lot more people know Ali from his YouTube channel and in comparison, the userbase of nebula is smaller. Ali also has not put our much content about Roam Research on his YouTube channel.

@laj2100 the link is https://watchnebula.com/aliabdaal. You can scroll down and see the different videos. In there you can find deep dives and his other YouTube content also along with his Workflow series

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“Effortless Output with Roam” by Nat Eliason (nateliason.com) (@nateliason)

Effective Note-Taking By Andy Henson (elaptics.co.uk) (@elaptics)

Both excellent, and in Nat’s case, well worth the investment. Andy’s course is via email and free for the time being.


You’re right that Nebula is not that well known yet. I got it bundled with CuriosityStream in the HD package for $20/year. Pretty good value. I’ve gotten exposed to some really awesome content producers, but in my opinion it’s not the place for Ali’s best stuff.

Maybe he’ll make something for Skillshare? I’ve gotten a ton of value from that platform.

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@nds-edward yes, Ali will be making a skillshare class about Roam Research. He talked about this in his workflow series. Although, I don’t think that it will eb anytime soon. He will probably be completing his Productivity Masterclass series and he has only one class out on that. I think that the r/RoamResearch subreddit is the best place right now for queries.

Yeah, I’ve found Andy Henson newsletter really helpful. He delivered not just very practical tips/tricks, but also shared his insights on why/how behind the tips.


Couldn’t agree more! Anonym.s was a breakthrough for me.


I love Ali’s content - both on YouTube and on Nebula. I’m not an enormous fan of the Nebula interface - or maybe I’ve not spent a lot of time with it to solve the issues I have with it.

I agree too! Videos from Anonym.s stands out for its simplicity. The issue I feel with many tutorials is that they are over complicating a simple/elegant tool, ie putting too much structure - that kind of defeats the purpose. Hard question though, I am still exploring myself re what is the right amount of structure/template vs free flow.

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I’ve got a CuriosityStream membership, but cannot connect to Nebula to see Ali’s Roam videos. I type in my userid from CuriosityStream, it says it will send me an email for a password, but I don’t get the email. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?