Email Stuff Into "Quick Capture" Roam

I want to ability to send an email to inbox[AT] to capture any information - with a hashtag or if no hastag, go to quickcapture.

Currently, I find myself copy pasting the info into roam.


this sounds like very useful thing to have…

Wouldn’t hurt! Think of how easy you could forward entire threads into Roam then!

Makes me think of this: Quite often I find myself wanting to push stuff to my database though a Telegram chat. I guess once the API is open this bot will be born quickly. (I use a Telegram chat with my self for saving, reminding and transferring stuff from mobile to laptop anyway).

Totally agreed that this would be coo. In my opinion, the more ways we have to get data into Roam, the better.

Now I want to just send texts to quick capture data into Roam :sweat_smile: