Date Range Picker

Hi all,

I have a use case where I’d like to use the date picker to set a range of dates as a reference.

For my TODOs, or other notes that I want to revisit, I’ll tag the [[Date that I want to be reminded]] so that it comes up in my linked references on that date.

My case for a range: I have a TODO that I want to complete sometime between today and about ~1 week from now. Right now, I have to tag 7 different dates so that it shows up, which takes some time. I’d like to be able to set a date range, so that this effort is minimized.

Similar issue in the GitHub, but I didn’t see it ported over here:


I’m going to bump this up. I’d really like to be able to specify a date range with [[Some date]]-[[Other date]] and automatically backlink to the days in between as well.

Like the date picker quickly inserting
#[[June 6th, 2021]] #[[June 7th, 2021]] #[[June 8th, 2021]] #[[June 9th, 2021]] #[[June 10th, 2021]] #[[June 11th, 2021]] #[[June 12th, 2021]]
you mean?

Would be nice indeed!

:thinking: Next to daily pages, should there be weekly pages and monthly pages?

I was experimenting with something, but it doesn’t offer what I’m looking for yet…