Database problem since October 28th

Since yesterday evening it seems my Roam database has a problem. Notes from 28th and 29th of October are completely gone from the Daily Notes, but, if I click on “View created on October 28th/29th” in the daily notes, I do see entries for those dates in the right sidebar. More details in this video (Dropbox link).

Has anyone else experienced the same problem? Or is it issue just with my database? Any suggestions and help would be much appreciated. :pray:

This issue has been tracked down and is related to a change of behaviour in Roam and the Readwise integration.

It has been reported to the Roam Team. In essence (as I vaguely understand it), the Readwise integration deletes a child block that it creates as part of it’s normal behaviour when bringing in highlights. But since 25 Oct, a bug in Roam causes the actual parent block to be deleted as well. This occurs in the Daily Notes page which is why you lost data on those days.
The Readwise team, who were unaware of this new unexpected behaviour, have acknowledged that their code was responsible for the data loss but also that it resulted from an unreported (and unexpected) bug in Roam.

The Readwise team have since reported that a fix has made to their Readwise integration and their Roam integration is safe to use again. But I believe the bug in Roam is still being addressed.

Details of the bug report submitted are provided below:

#590 Block deletion results in deletion of the parent block

Describe the bug This was discovered by users losing data via Readwise’s sync and Tristan at Readwise for debugging. Deleting a child block used to delete that block specifically, but as of the ~25th now deletes the parent block. This caused the Readwise sync (which deleted a single block previously) to delete daily pages as it needs to delete a block that it creates as part of its regular cleanup process when bringing in highlights. . To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:1. Create a page, call it “parent”
2. Create a block under it. You can even create a grandchild block
3. Focus on either block
4. Delete the block via the top menu, and the modal will prompt to delete the entire page.

I didn’t experience the problem myself (as I did no readwise imports in that period) but the Roam bug is still extant currently as I have been able to reproduce the behaviour as per the bug report above.

There is chatter on various other Roam forums about how to ‘recover’ data but they are all ‘over my head’.

Sorry you lost data. Until this bug is fixed be careful when deleting child blocks as described above.

P.s. here is communications from Tristan Homsi (Readwise) for info:

[Tristan Homsi] 11 hours ago

it’s safe to sync again now, yes

Thanks a lot for the in-depth explanation. Hmmm, that’s quite unfortunate. I’ll dig into those recover data topics and see if I can figure it out. Thanks again.

Happy to help where I can. I see you are on Roam Slack as well and the info I provided was derived from that. Posted it to this Forum as there are many folk who don’t use Slack. The information might be useful to them as well. It’s a shame we have multiple forums at present (slack, this forum, twitter) but that’s just the way it is for now. Wish we could all migrate to one though. Would save time and help lots of people.

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Yes, totally agree with that.

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