Complete Export

The current export only serializes most of the graph state and misses key parts of the UI state.
Missing from the current Export to JSON/Markdown

  • versions
  • filter states
  • tree collapsed state
  • “view as” state

When attempting to restore a complete JSON export to a test graph, it appeared to be incomplete. Perhaps this is the reason why. Thought it was something I was doing incorrectly. Thanks for clarifying.

also just noticed that after importing exported JSON, the in-line backlinks next to blocks showing a button and count of the references to that block are missing

So, there is currently no complete back-up solution for Roam? That’s a pretty fundamental need, right?


As this feature request didn’t seem to be getting eyeballs, raised it on twitter and filed these bug reports :crossed_fingers:


This is absolutely critical. An export should preserve all data that has meaning, full stop. This is not only the text in blocks, but the connections between them, they way they are referenced, and the user-specified manner in which they are viewed. And probably other stuff. The acid test is this:

If I export a graph to JSON (at most basic, simply for purposes of backup), and literally re-load the same JSON backup file into a new graph one minute later, I should see no difference. Until this is true, we dont have full fidelity backup yet.

The subtle point is that value is created not just in the text in blocks and pages. It can be created, in fact often IS created, from the states, the filters, views, etc. this is absolutely critical.

To be fair, it is truly excellent that Conor and the team have provided a JSON file of all blocks and pages since very early. But it is a testament to the power of Roam that the value is so great that the UI block/page state in itself is critical to preserve.


Agreed on all points. I know the team are juggling many startup bootstrapping tasks and I realize that’s taking away from addressing this quickly. I do hope this gets top priority as soon as they possibly can address it.


Nothing new to add, but just want make the point that appropriate back-up is critical.
I am considering changing my life with Roam, the potential for my ADHD brain is mazing. But, can i put my entire second brain in a place without the ability to Export? How is the back up policy?
grateful for the community.


@Conaw @Bardia @filipesilva @josh

Could we consider prioritizing fixing these export bugs?
Given roam doesn’t provide any internal versioning or persistent undo, exports are super critical. The current state is roam’s been without the ability to fully export block-level back references and calculations for months.

The other thing I’ve run into with exports is hitting duplicate block errors. Between that and missing backlinks, I’ve mostly given up trying to share contents of my roam db with others in a public db. And I don’t know how many times I wish I could use my git backups of my roam graph, but can’t because import is so brittle.


Nothing new to this? I just recognised today that even copying version blocks mostly does the same as exporting them - it just selects the current version. Sometime you get all versions but I’m not sure when this happens.

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Ability to export as-is (expanded or collapsed) would help me better write articles.