Bug: Page's reference filters do not UPDATE with new reference's metadata

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Create a page with a few references. We will call is TESTPAGE.
  • Now, filter TESTPAGE’s references with to INCLUDE one metadata (i.e shift + click a filer value)
  • Ensure that reference-level filter is applied to TESTPAGE. (Sidenote, I have NOT tested or reproduced this on a page-leve)
  • Now go and create new references to that page
  • Come back to TESTPAGE. Try to filter the references with new associations. You will NOT find those associations.

Temporary Fix:

  • I removed all reference-level filters from TESTPAGE, then all other reference metadata filters showed up.

Ideal Scenario:

  • This bug does not exist! I happened to have remembered (mentally) that this page had more references … otherwise I wouldn’t know.