Bilingual option

I think it would be great if there was like a seamless switch between languages. for example in the top right corner like EN and other language options.

If that is too complicated, it doesnt have to be automatically translated, it could be manual (like the original text would appear in gray and you could reedit it).

Either way, it would be much easier than having two different language versions in the same note header, the actual content or tags.

I know this would be probably very complicated for coding but I think it would be a big deal-breaker for any language learner, it could be utilised in so many ways.

Speaking of this, do you guys have any good suggestions on how to use roam research bilingually. I researched it and thought about it, but all the options seems kind-of clunky. I was suggested by the kind roam research support to use aliases, but perhaps there is some other way?

Nonetheless, I absolutely love roam, keep it up and thanks for all your responses in this forum!