About the Believers Forum

A place for true believers to connect and learn more about each other and Roam. We want to open it up to the believers to use this forum as they wish.


IMO the Believers forum would be for people who have made the significant investment and so are heavily invested in understanding Roam as it exists and are able to give critical feedback on where it could go, specific feedback from a place of understanding the software and the vision, and thoughts on topics externally related to Roam - e.g. connected services and tools that will be even more prevalent as the API rolls out.

More specifically it can serve as a bit of a litmus test to know that the persons offering opinions have taken the time to understand the product.

Its different than other categories because it would ideally be limited to posting by those people who are verified to be believers. I think the topics can be wide ranging.

While there is no doubt that some of us have made a significant investment towards the health, well-being, and longevity of Roam Research, there are many others, students for example, who may not currently have the means to do likewise. I believe these discussions are invaluable to them.

It is very likely that although not as heavily vested, they will certainly have input and contributions to offer that should be of interest to all of us. I am concerned that a closed forum, such as being suggested here, might be a disincentive to those that might otherwise provide valuable insight.


Bardia, I’m interested in the Believers-only Office Hours. Please advise on how to get invited. Thanks.


Get what your are saying, but there is a whole forum for egalitarian expression. Exclusive digs for believer plan members is just fun. I doubt most of the Roam forums’ value comes from the Belieber group long term tbh

Oh. Ehm. Gee @Bardia! Love the praying hands on our avatars. Totally worth the price of admission alone :rofl:


I get it. :slightly_smiling_face:

As Paul said, my suggestion is only for a section of this site to be believers only for posting - anyone can still read. But if you look at a lot of the other places for conversation right now - slack, and reddit especially, theres a lot of conversation from people who have opinions but haven’t spent the time to understand how and why roam works the way it does, lots of conversations about alternatives because of price, or general complaints to the point of entitlement. Just looking for a way to hopefully weed some of that out.

Also it would be a good opportunity for us to get together and curate a list of questions ahead of the next believers call, hopefully leading to more questions being able to be answered and also a way to communicate how many of us are interested in a particular question.


OK, I hereby retract my previous statement. I’ve also experienced some of the issues highlighted by Paul. I’ll admit it does sometimes detract from more legitimate issues of concern.

Hi Ryan! This believer forum is visible to the entire community, but only Believers can edit so it is what you are suggesting :slight_smile:


ah - im sorry, I thought this was a thread where we were still justifying having one, didnt realize it already existed! Thanks @Bardia !

Thanks for setting this up so quickly, Bardia!

Hey, Y’all. Excited to dig in. I hope to be on the call tomorrow night to share with you all.

Can’t wait for some deep discussions.

Also it would be a good opportunity for us to get together and curate a list of questions ahead of the next believers call

This is an excellent idea, collecting a top list of questions.